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just wondering if you could sample some of my free stuff on bookrix and give me your opinion. Take care, Danny........

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Coco B

Hey Mary!
Have you seen the contest Judy has started? It sounds fun, and with the way you can play with words, I think you would be awesome.
Maybe you should consider entering if you've got the time? I am writing something for it, but I'm not sure I will submit it. I guess I will see how it turns out. Here is the link!

Writing Right Contests http://greentagcenter.com/_group-en-writing-right-contests-1/ This group is for those serious about the quality of their writing. This is where you can post links to the short stories you have written as part of the Writing Right contests. And yes, there are prizes! What makes these contests different, perhaps, from most others is that first, everyone who enters a qualifying story is a winner. The prizes are gift cards, the amount of each to be determined by how...
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The Twister

I still need to read your book 'Cascadian storm' like I promised that I will! Tomorrow I'm defs gonna read it! Promises are promises! And I'll keep it! Hope to hear from you soon!
Take care girl ^.^

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Sweet! I need to get caught up on Complicated Love too, as well as a few other books. :)

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S. J. Crona

How long does it normally take you to finish a novel? O.o You have some really long ones.

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Drawing is good too. Do you do cover design?


When I was a kid I used to draw all my characters, lol. I wasn't good at drawing, but it was fun! :)

S. J. Crona

I don't do cover designs professionally, but I draw/paint my own.

That's how I started drawing too :) I wanted to have a visual representation of my characters. That and anime. . . . lots of anime.

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Pavel Rybák

Thanks for your request.

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lol... I think you were the one who added me... so thanks for YOUR request! :D

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