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Deu' Angel
Deu' Angel
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Deu' Angel

Stolen Waters

This eye can tell a story;
I can't say sorry for every single thing I did,
I could yield to reason yet again,
Found my way into its depths,
To feel pleasure,
Then to know suffering, struggle and defeat.

It's taste sweet as nectar,
Beautiful flower, Blossoming day and night,
Wrestling yet so gently,
Playing to its tunes,
The seduction of my soul,
To stop........

But fall reaching the bottom of a fiery-red abyss.
© DEU' Angel

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pm me lol

Important Post
Deu' Angel

She must have went down at sea,
Just to get away from here,
Her deeds and dreams now strength less,
As she reappears without air.

Lips, hands and legs perfectly bonded,
This must have been the work of an ill-wisher,
I can't stop these tears,
As my crew and I bid farewell to this stranger.
- Mystic encounter

Important Post
Deu' Angel

I once knew a lonely old man,
One hand and leg with no ears to hear,
His heart was an element of blank,
He said;
"I've held others before, it was never like this,
I've walked a thousand miles, I never had to hop,
With my senses I once yearned to sail in the harmonic desire of bliss. "
And I asked;
"What happened?"
He replied;
"Whenever you look at me and you see that sweet smile, know it was I who saved you."

Important Post
Deu' Angel

How still the truth deceives,
Religion, Politics and Social ethics,
New Earth Control as we know it.
Some things that we ignore there is,
Do not try to question me but seek them,
One and two running in thousands the Prophets fall,
All to make these conspiracies remain asleep!

Important Post
Deu' Angel

If only you believe,
In the one eternal, the bright star,
With the voice of roaring thunder,
To witness the awesome wonder of words,
And manifest itself into the impossible.

Only then shall you stand in such perfect grace,
To thirst and lack not for all eternity,
Always to be forgiven and,
Forever to be loved.

- Beyond Heavens Gate by DEU' Angel

Important Post
Deu' Angel

I hunger and thirst for meat,
Flesh nor wine it is,
I seek for its voice,
For long has it called,
Good neither it may be,
Cos for to morrow,
I shall dwell in its bosom,
Offensive it may look,
Praiseful it will be,
Even as I eat & drink,
I shall forever be without fill,
Man nor woman, boy nor girl,
To only the child it will,
It lurks in the dark,
It moves in the streets,
By the riverside it sings;
Come eat, drink & merry for tomorrow my path... Show more

Important Post
Deu' Angel

Yes, yet again this is one of those nights,
'Tis but a thing he does,
Cos he desires it; Taboo........Perky sin,
A midnight vow which remains unbroken still,
Uncontrollable feet, mind, words,
He roams,
"Please someone save me, i do not want to."
The stars yet so high, the ground still dirty,
Like a ship with no captain nor harbor,
Bound to sail upon an unbroken path,
He meets a voiceless Siren,
Bewitching beauty, seductive eyes,... Show more

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