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Split In Two

Split In Two
*This is the first novel I'm writing that I'm actually going to try and finish. It's a pure work of fiction although it is based off of my actual life, thoughts and daydreams.*

Recently overcoming depression and coming close to graduation, Nina Rivera has only one thing left that's keeping her heart feeling empty; her soul mate.

Call her cheesy all you want, but that's the one thing Nina strongly believes in and she's grown to have a feeling of pain and longing in her chest due to the fact of not knowing her other half. To fill this void, she reads anything and everything she could possibly get her hands on, but mostly long and romantic fiction books. Little does she know that the lives she fantasizes about are actually true...mostly..

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Important Post

The book is out to a great start! I especially loved the prolouge! I really want to find out what happens next! Please keep me updated! :)

Important Post

To repay the read and comment for my new book 'Opposites Attract' I decided to read your book 'Split in Two' and I can honestly say I love it! I'm a huge fan of Greek Mythology and so the beginning qoute about hummans having four arms, legs, and two faces and then being split in two really intrigued me and got my attention! I love the reference to it, and think it was a very clever thing to tie into your book! Great Job! I... Show more

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