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Love Novels

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All lovers of writing or reading romance are welcome here!


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Authors wanted! By: savanna
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Authors wanted!

Authors's Photos - The World's Best Talent Network!
Newbeeie here By: GAP
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Like erotica on this site. Best books I found.

Spider web By: Deu' Angel
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Not all webs he built were made to catch,
Fleshy, naked and silk knitted,
Enveloped with vulnerability,
A heart that saw no darkness.
He fell deep and hard,
Tangled, caught and trapped within,
And if he lets go, he will come apart,
So he remained invincible.
He stood above his web,
In perpetual silence ripping his mind,
He bled almost instantly,
My, Oh my.
He tried to be him,
So he closed those eyes living the memories,
It was but a wild... Show more

Readers Needed By: deborap
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We are publishing great books, and we need people who love reading
You never know what you will find!!!

Hey guys! By: xxbrittanyjohnsonxx
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I haven't been on this item for years but I am writing something new. If you could take a look at the sample book chapter I have called Trials of Love and Motherhood, I would greatly appreciate it! Any critiques are welcome!

hi By: Deleted User
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