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This is a group for Music. Post your favourite singers, bands, singers and connect with others.

The main rules of this group are :

-No mean comments
-No bullying
- No chit-chat. You can but only focusing on the music etc. nothing else.
- Post nothing else except for music stuff.

If you do break the main rules above then you will be kicked out of the group.

- The Cookie Monster (Skylar) and The... Show More


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Group Rules By: ♛ samzy ♛
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Important Post

So as you can see the group name and blurb you pretty much have idea about what it is about!
Yes, It's about songs and only songs!
You see music is a big part and hey sometimes we look for song recommendation and wanna know when we are fed up with the ones only we know!
However yes so this group is just about music!
You can give recommendation here if you hear or like any good music!
You can give quotes or anything related to... Show more

My Favorite artist and song By: -_-ForgottenGirl-_-
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Important Post

In This Monet is my favorite band at the moment and my favorite song from the is Whore

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Wow.. That is harsh.. :D Am i annoying you with my good mood? :)


Hei guys.. Back to the topoc.. XD
Todays top trac is - Kollektiv Turmstrasse : Sorry i am late 2016 version.. :D
Very specific.. xD What do you think about it?


i'll listen to it and tell you what i think

guess the song........... By: Deleted User
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Important Post

She works the nights, by the water
She's gonna stress, so far away
From her father's daughter
She just wants a life for her baby
All on her own, no one will come
She's got to save him.....................

Deleted User

yup :)

yo By: Deleted User
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Important Post

yo what up. im bored come someone tell me what kinda music you listen to. if i should cheak it out

Deleted User

Ask Faith about SayWeCanFly if you haven't listened to him...I got her to listen to it and she loved him...he's pretty great XD
Otherwise if you're not into that kinda music let me know what you do like...I gotchu XD


me and him got in another fight

Deleted User


Deleted User

i listened to him. he;s pretty good

Deleted User


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