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1. Prologue.

2. Catching The Killer.

3. Finding Proof.

4. Brief Meeting.

5. Bloodlines.

6. Getting Answers.

7. Monsters & Dreams.

8. Dark Future.

9. Faking Witness.

10. Hidden Truths & New realizations.

11. Deadly Decisions.

12. Finally, We're Here.

13. We Meet Again.

14. History Repeating.

15. Memories That Hold Us Together.

16. Guess Who's back?

17. Working Together.

18. Surprise Guest.

19. Life Isn't Fair.

20. Welcome, My Seeker.

21. Raise hell.

22. Epilogue.

23. Bonus Chapter 1.

24. Bonus Chapter 2.

25. Bonus Chapter 3. 

26. Bonus Chapter 4.


Everything is burning...people are everywhere trying to control the fire. Stupid people. What did they think? They think they can survive? No one one but me.


"Detective, did you find something?" Asked the police who was searching the area looking for any clue that could help them.


"No, still nothing." The young detective huffed in annoyance.


"How can is this be possible? This fire...everyone burned in here. Horrible to see this institution now." Said the other police.


"Not everyone. this girl escaped." The assistant looked at the mirror behind him and replied slowly making sure he was seeing clearly.


"How do you...?" The detective got confused as what could've been there?


″See this.. for yourself. Or I'm helping you out." He cowered away behind the detective. His body shook with fear as he looked at the mirror.


"Is this a human?" The other police asked himself looking at the bloodied mess in the mirror.


"We'll see. Let's read. You think you win? Do you want to see evil? I'll show you evil." Detective finished looking at the mirror with amused yet surprised eyes.


"That's not it. Look at the other walls." The police pointed at the wall behind him where there were more writings.


"Whoever will come in my way can say their life goodbye." The detective read out and once again his assistant made a whimper.


"L..looking like empty threats. " The assistant Aaron tried but failed to hide his fear...


"Sir, we found something. It was half burned but still, can work." Said a worker who was clearing the massive area.


"A diary. Fascinating for a mental patient to keep writing." Detective Harrison chirped like it was a new beginning of an adventure.


"Just look at it." The policeman said, irritated and opening the diary-


"Dear Diary,


I'm Amy and this is my story of how I became a Reaper."

Catching The Killer


Detective Harrison's POV


"So what do you think we should do with this?" Asked Aaron thinking of thousand ways to get rid of it. His face said it all. I didn't understand why he was so afraid. We had taken a lot worse case before and we solved it too. So why he's chicken out now?


"I'm taking this diary with me, Aaron. Don't argue with me on this one." I said hoping he'll understand. But he looked far away from agreeing with me. He visibly gulped at the look of my face which challenged him to say otherwise.


"OK. Fine. You're the detective. You take it." He said angrily.


"Don't be angry Aaron. This isn't a normal case. Some mental patient just burned the whole building when people were inside. She even threatened us. Nobody saw her running. She was keeping a diary means maybe she plans everything first. So I need this to know what she has agenda with." I said again not understanding what he was so afraid of.


"I understand. I'll go for now. Can I come later to your house? Maybe discuss the case?" He said changing the subject.


"God, no! That place is a mess. Come into my office instead.." I said horrified.


"OK. See you later." He said and stormed off out of the room.


Later in the office


Opening the diary...


"Dear Diary, 


High school...Oh just how exciting life is for me. My best world is my mom and my boyfriend. I can't think my life without them. Prom is coming and can you imagine? I'm graduating this year. I miss you too much my friend. I'll always miss you and write in this diary. It was the last gift from you and I won't ever forget you. Thanks for saving my life, Samara.



Dear Diary,


I can't bring myself to ignore this anymore. Thank heaven I got to keep you. I owe this to you, Samara. You'll be shocked to know that my life has changed drastically. This is my first day in this brutal place. I want to get out of this place. I didn't commit the murder. I can't. Can you believe I can capable of killing Zach? He was my first crush and my love. I can't kill my own boyfriend no matter what people say. I loved him but I can't love him anymore. Not after Just what happened...


But now my life got upside down. Someone killed my boyfriend and it comes downs to! I would never do that. We loved each other, then why? Why I had to go with the punishment, not just the cops..but Zach's......


He was here. I know I can't leave the feeling. He was here when I was writing. He won't leave me. Mom or no one would believe me but I know Zach more than anyone. He was here and he wants to kill!!


He's hurting me!





"What are you reading?" I jumped from the sound. The diary slid down to the couch and dropped onto the floor with a thud. Damn Aaron!


"Holy shit! How did you get inside?" I asked and narrowed my eyes to glare at Aaron.


"You gave me your spared key. You said I can come whenever I want." He said innocently.


"Oh..I forgot maybe." I said frowning. I'm forgetting a lot lately. Just hope I don't forget my job.


"So what were you doing buddy? You seem pretty shocked to see me." He said while taking a soda from the fridge. I swear sometimes it looks like this is his office, not mine.


"Aaron, you know I had that diary of the girl?" I remembered him.


"The mental one..? Totally. So what about that? Did you read that? Find something important?" He said sipping and opening his bag. I carefully took my knife and cut a steak for me.


"No I'm still at the first months she came there, actually the first day. Nothing planning there. But something is not right, you know." I said thoughtfully.


"Like what?" He asked confused. Like why are you afraid, I wanted to ask but held myself.


"See for yourself." I said instead and handed over the diary.


"Um...reading that... She is really a mental patient, dude and could be dangerous. I mean she killed her boyfriend who she says she loves so much and all. I feel bad for the guy. She doesn't know what she's writing and stop writing in middle. You got my cue..right?" He said fearfully. Why is he so afraid again? It's just a damn diary!


"Yes... But still...if I only could catch the killer." I said with a huff.


"And that's what we're gonna do..." He finished for me. 



Finding Proof


Harrison's Pov


"Wake the hell up, Harrison!" Someone screamed.


Well as much I loved to take a nap in my office I just can't understand who wants to wake me up from my peaceful slumber...


"This is it! I'm pouring water on you or selling this couch with you."


Well...that got my attention and now then I was fully woke up I saw Aaron had a very disappointment face... why? What was wrong with this guy? Is he on steroids or something?


"Now I'm fully awake. What is your problem? Why did you wake me up at... 4 in the morning?" I asked rubbing my eyes while keeping an eye on the clock beside my couch.


As much I liked him as my friend and assistant but he had his own way of annoying the hell out of me and that...just made my blood boil. 


"Why are you sleeping on a couch? And why didn't you go to your house?″ Oh shit! If he has already gotten there first?


"Did you go to my house?″ I asked him impatiently.


"No, dude. But you're getting angry. Your vein is about to pop. Is something wrong?" He frowned. I didn't know I was holding a breath when he said no, that's when I got to breathe. Oh, buddy, you have no idea...


"Ugh...nothing. Why were you here again?″


"Do you even care for your life? Your front door was wide open! If there was a bundle of thieves or worst that girl would have come to take her diary, what would you do? No! Don't answer! You were obviously too passed out to care about!"


He did have a point there...I was wide awake the last night reading the diary of the mystery girl. Not my word; it's Aaron's. But I guess I wanted to know more about her. I had people inside to know her back-story but as long as she's not saying anything herself; nothing is coming clear.


"Are you even listening to me? I just said about last night and your expression is zero! What are you eating these days!?"


He was saying something...I must have zoned out.


"Um...sorry. Can you repeat that again?" I asked him again sheepishly.


"Last night after going home you wouldn't believe what I saw! I saw the same warning writing neatly on my bathroom mirror! That's why panicked okay! I thought she killed you and I'm next. That's how it works, doesn't it?"


That surprised me. As I was reading it didn't fit that she would do something like this...especially to Aaron. When she...never mind.


Last night...


"Dear Diary,


Mom is picking me today for school. School is really giving me shits. Class, exams, sports and obviously Zach. Is he hiding something from me? Some guys were talking about his head, not into the game. Was he secretly in drug or have some affair? Oh lord! What am I thinking about my boyfriend? Really I'm stupid. But that is not the least thing that I'm feared of. I'm having continually dream about someone who looks extract like me! I even joked with mom saying did I have a twin who she accidentally lost? She just had a funny expression and said I was stressing too much. That could be it or don't forget our bathroom incident! Today I was in the bathroom and I swear something moved into it. Call me sick but I was 100 percent sure! I even told Zach about it but he ignored me again. What is up with him who knows? Don't know when summer vacation will start.. We are going to our Lakehouse which is literary inside in a middle of a forest. Looking forward to it! Who knows what interesting things happen!


In the hospital...


I'm sorry but again I had to use old pages. I wanted to laugh reading my past self-writing the rant of having shitty school day. Maybe now I'm understanding what is real life. The nurses are too rude. They didn't even let me see mom. They say I need help. Yes! I admit I need help but not this kind of help! I'm not MENTAL! I need help to get rid of...Zach. I know the whole world know he is dead but I know he is with me every damn second! I know his cologne, his breath. He won't go until his bidding. Just I wish anyone would believe me. First, they lock me up in jail then they lock me up in here. My life is already ruined. If I don't do anything soon I don't know if I can stop him. And I hate to be the weak one. He mocks me, he says I'm the reason he's trapped. What's that supposed mean I wonder? I loved him with everything I had, was this a punishment of that?"



"Back to earth Harrison! What are you thinking about? Care to share?" He said turning me back from my memory. He had a gun in his hand and I left an eyebrow.


"What is that for?″ I pointed at the gun and he lowered the gun giving me a grin.


"I thought I'll need it. I wanted to be ready for the kill, you know. The usual." He shrugged and I nodded.


"I was just reading her diary and how her life had been before the hospital." I said getting up from the couch. Damn! It made my ribs uncomfortably stiff.




"You asked me what I was thinking about. I'm giving you answer you moron." I replied putting on a shirt.


"Diary! Diary!Diary! Now I think it has been a mistake to give you that." He practically yelled out.


"And why was that? What are you implying Aaron?" I asked as calm as I can get. Honestly, he was getting on my nerve. I do my job in my way. He had seen me do crazy things than reading some diary. Then why he's acting out like I've sold my soul on E-Bay?


"You don't see, do you? You are obsessing over that. Did she put a spell on that? I was foolish to think someone would write that they are going to crime. Give me this shit, I need to burn it."


Was he out of his mind! That was the only thing I had for us now. And he's talking about destroying that! Was I protecting her? It seems odd but yes maybe what I was doing was protecting her.


"Say one word and you'll be out of my office, now! Remember this is your boss talking. What would happen when I tell the precious Policies that I had the proof but my assistant burned it? Now, what would you like to say?"


I was getting beyond angry this time. There is a bound when my limit is crossed. And Aaron just crossed the line.


"You...You would do that to me!? You are yelling at me because of some girl you don't even know! Oh, dude mark it, you're so going to be in trouble."


Did I care? I didn't think so...



Brief Meeting


Amy's POV


I was bored to death. I also lost my diary. The only thing that was keeping me sane. Why shouldn't I rip Danny's head off it was still a mystery to me. It wasn't like I couldn't break the room I was currently in but it was more like he would know that  I was using my powers again. It had just barely gotten weeks that I'm in his home. And I need a shelter right now when every damn human is looking for my head. Don't want to get kicked out now, shall we?


And he has also helped me escaping that mental asylum. So he deserves some respect and speaking of which, did he disappeared? I didn't see him after the grand success of getting out. I just hope he got out without any injury. I don't want another murder in my hand. Letting my shield free I felt the familiar tug at my heart. It was calling me to take souls as many as I can.  The weird thing was... Just one year ago if anyone asked me what you want most... I would've answered nothing but my family. And now... I want nothing but souls...


Harrison's POV


"Wow... Isn't it our young detective?" Said the police welcoming us into his station. 


"Yes. That would be me and this is my assistant Aaron." I introduced us and we both took our seats. NY police department was more than happy to have me in their case. I've solved their numeral weird cases that no one wanted and I was almost sure that this time also the killers were going to be caught. 


"You got your precious time for us, I see. Very good process. Last time we met, you just threw the report at my face saying you don't want to ruin your time with me chatting about the things you already know."


There you go...Always bringing up the past was Mr. David's daily routine. He had his own detectives and I'm pretty sure he loathes me. I was always a blunt talker and judging by his face he didn't like to be talked back. But that didn't hold me before or now. Currently, we were in a brief meeting with the police and the political agents. Let me tell you, they'll say sweet words but until you gave them what they want you can't even breathe freely. It was that sucked living with this job.


"So I was thinking, there have been weeks that accident happened and there's still no culprit or some suspect. What are you doing, young man? Getting laid?" He said mockingly. I'm sure Aaron just choked on his coffee. 


"With all due respect Mr. David, I don't talk about my bedroom activities in a professional meeting. And to your question, we are doing our best. There's have been some... Things to search up before we go into any conclusion." I said with gritted teeth. Talking with him was getting more irritated by the minute. I've to talk carefully or I'll lose this job. But in these times I wish I could set him his place.


"What things? Will you mind to share?" He pressed.


"You see... That woman had a dia..."


Aaron started talking but I just punch Aaron right in the balls from down the table.  He deserved that. And to my satisfaction, he shut up and was the verge of crying out.


"My friend here is trying to tell that, there is a girl who escaped the asylum when it was burning. So she could be just a victim or there was someone else who did all the chores. Also, She was the only witness in this case. So before we can be sure we shouldn't give you any false report." I explained the situation we were in.


"I see. Well, that would be considerable. But... You know you need to find out who did it, who is murdering people in daylight and give me a report on that or.. You can say your job goodbye. Now if you'll excuse me...I need to join the dinner party with the president. See you soon, detective."


Then he spoons around like he was walking on heels. The people who were with him also joined him. I just don't understand. Why these people were with him if they didn't want to talk or voiced their opinion. He spoons one more time to look at my eyes and slumped the door. Well... If he had a long hair he would definitely do a flip. Mean girls much?


"Sorry for the rudeness. You know how these politicians could get. As long as there's not a file waiting for them they'll ruin your sleep of the night."


Mr. Bull just snapped me from my daydreaming. Good.. Or that'll be awkward staring at the door for nothing.


"I guess you're right. But after the accident... There was no surprising murder. Was it?" I asked him standing up.


"What are you saying? Aren't you looking at the newspapers? There have been several people found dead and locals told us they were animal attacks. But some sources said they have seen a girl and just after that there were people's bodies piled up. But they couldn't find a picture or video. just witnesses."


I stood there shocked. There was the killer still outside taking peoples life when I was trusting my gut feelings. I should read that diary as fast as I can and maybe just maybe I'd proved wrong that she wasn't the killer...



Amy's POV


I was running. That's a one thing I'm doing since Zach was killed and I think that has become a cruel habit. Zach had said something about myself that even I was afraid of. He knows... He knows everything about my bloodline which I didn't even know. He was the one who told me I was adopted. He was the one who awakened my hidden powers. But sometimes it wasn't was like someone else has taken his body. And that person didn't want me to get hurt. I have seen him fighting with himself. I thought he still loved me but guess what? His revenge was more important than his love. I have given up a long time ago. There was no way he was going back to become the person I loved. He was long dead. 


The person who returned wasn't the Zach I knew.


Today I'm going back to home. I haven't seen mom a long time. I know when she'll see me she will break down thinking it was all her fault but it wasn't. Zach manipulated her to think I was insane. Nobody can see dead people, right? Upps! Maybe I did.


I need to know about my mother who I keep hearing about. Zach said she can be seen through the mirror but it'll take more power to do that. Mom obviously knows who my mother is. And then maybe I'll find the answers I'm hunting.


 Maybe I'll find Keisha Deshayes. 


Harrison's POV


"Do you really had to punch me like that?" Aaron let out a cry when we reached my office. I was too tired to fight but when he sounded like I'm the one in guilt, I had to fight back.


"Yes! What were you doing man? You almost told him everything." I yelled at him for his stupidity.


"But he wanted to know everything!" He whined. This idiot will be the death of me. It was getting irritated. He kept telling me to back off from this case. Did I ever back from a case? No..never. It wasn't in me to back down. Then a ringing sound brought me back to what I was doing.




"I've got what you wanted. Now come home." A voice shrilled and a heavy sigh came from my mouth.


"I'll be there. Don't worry." And then I cut the call. Aaron was looking at me demanding who it was. But I pushed passed him to go to the backside of my condo.


"If you please excuse me? I need to go Tennessee." I suddenly told him, as predicted his eyes got big. My flight was already booked and I had only one hour.


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