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From Time to Time<br /><span>A Love Story / Historical Time Travel Romance</span>
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From Time to Time
A Love Story / Historical Time Travel Romance
Important Post
Deleted User

I was finally able to buy this. This, along with Pat's "Rising," and a few others, are my next reads. I can't wait to sit down and absorb this.

J.C. Laird

Thanks, Sabrina. I hope you enjoy it. My next project is about a serial killer, a "killer thriller" you might say--a 180 degree swing from this light romance!

Deleted User

Hahaha! Well, versatility is always a good thing.

So far, I've read the first two chapters, and begun Chapter Three. Very good work already. :)

My one complaint is that Nathan seems too typical of a college student. Besides his weird obsession with the Jenny Lind chest, he's... Show more

J.C. Laird

Wow! No need to be sorry. I believe that was the most probing analysis of the book, and a pretty darn accurate one at that. But not to worry, Nathan will get his act together as the book goes along. Also--as you perceived-- Katrina is a strong willed female ahead of her time.... Show more

Deleted User

Haha! Well, I DID take two years of AP English in high school, which consisted of mostly rhetoric and textual analysis. I would hope that my two years paid off. I've gotten into the habit of analyzing everything, it seems.

It was my pleasure! I'll probably get more reading done tonight :)

Deleted User

Just updating...

I'm on Chapter Six as of now.

I knew something was up when Chapter One revealed that Nate and his sister were his grandmother's only living relatives... And then you learn about his parents being alcoholics. I wonder if these past scars will resurface at a later... Show more

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