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In The Midnight Hour<br /><span>A Medical Thriller</span>
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In The Midnight Hour
A Medical Thriller
Important Post
Timothy Vinyard

I don't know, Reggie Ridgway, I have some problems accepting how much of a pussy Dr. Anderson sounds like. A doc who's Chief of Surgery is prestigious in his community already, and even a forced resignation would accompany a six figure severance pay for the next TWO years. Hell, I live in Cali, and the Junior college I go too pays it's old chief of police 150,000+ a year, and that asshole got fired two years ago. So tell me,... Show more

Timothy Vinyard

Great writing style though


Thanks. I guess. Probably in this case his funds got all tied up and frozen. Except for some his lawyer rescued.

Timothy Vinyard

To be honest that message was meant to be personal, though I'm an idiot and posted it public. I wrote a similar story, and what I found is the deeper the plot and characters, the more realism is required. "In The Midnight Hour" is well done and deeply contextual to the medical... Show more

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