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eBooks „paranormal fantasy“

100 eBooks were found for the search term „paranormal fantasy“.

Books (100)

Dimensional TimeWarps
Noelle Anselmo Dimensional TimeWarps
  • Fantasy
  • English
  • 9066 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 136
  • 5
An eighteen year old girl with miko heritage is going about her everyday life when something happens that [more]

Keywords: Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance

For Free

S. E. Gutierrez Truth

The Story of A Cursed Angel

  • Fantasy
  • English
  • 9182 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 257
  • 5
A plan. Gone astray. A Mishap. With no solution. A cursed angel. A prophecy to fulfill. A secret. Everyone must know it, but no one [more]

Keywords: angels, teen, paranormal, fantasy

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Hidden Darkness
sometimes I write shit Hidden Darkness
  • Short Story
  • German
  • 5489 Words
  • Ages 12 and up
  • 353
  • 20
**beendet** ________________________________________________________ Manchmal versteckt sich Dunkelheit in den besten Menschen... Anfangs ist Jenny wenig begeistert als sie gegen ihren Willen auf [more]

Keywords: liebe, paranormal, fantasy

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Flash 500
Nicole Pyles, Carrie K Sorensen Flash 500

A Flash Fiction Anthology

  • Literary Collections
  • English
  • 35715 Words
  • Ages 14 and up
  • 1185
  • 1
Take a journey in 500 words or less. As we take you along our year long journey, you will [more]

Keywords: Comedy, Horror, Suspense, Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance, Flash Fiction

For Free

KayCee R Twisted

Being normal is overrated

  • Fiction
  • English
  • 80445 Words
  • Ages 12 and up
  • 3103
  • 62
Cayden Rivers wants nothing more than to be normal, but we don’t always get what we want. [more]

Keywords: YA, Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, Teens, Magic, Suspense, Family, Love


Porcelain Doll
Jordan Alexandria Porcelain Doll
  • Fantasy
  • English
  • 4528 Words
  • Ages 14 and up
  • 276
  • 0
Desdemona is being asked of her family to marry some guy she doesn't know for reasons they won't [more]

Keywords: vampire, werewolf, marriage, funny, paranormal, fantasy, adventure, love, romance, mature, wattpad

For Free

Donna Miller Revelations
  • Romance
  • English
  • 59009 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 6
  • 0
When Seventeen-year-old Gracie Carteri moved to Oxford... she felt destined to be alone. That was until she met [more]

Keywords: Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, Bullying, Curvacious, Vampires, Demons, Y.A romance, romance, Fiction, Gracie, cancer

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Betrayed By A Vampire
AnnaRose Vittoria Betrayed By A Vampire

Dark Vampire Knight Series: Book Two

  • Romance
  • English
  • 44632 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 7085
  • 223
Emily and Jagger are back! Emily's coping with the fact that Jagger's a vampire, and especially with how [more]

Keywords: vampire, romance, young adult, paranormal, fantasy, paranormal romance, new releases 2016, vampire romance, love, YA, Dark Vampire Knight


Reiner Instinkt
Stefanie Markstoller Reiner Instinkt
  • Fantasy
  • German
  • 253302 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 6286
  • 124
Nehmt euch in Acht. Die Gefahr lauert nicht nur im Dunkeln. Der Tod begleitet jeden unserer Schritte. Der Instinkt treibt sie [more]

Keywords: Fantasy, Jugendbücher, Romane, Fantasy Romane, Jugend, Jugendliche, Teenager, Young Adult, Paranormal, deutsch, Paranormal Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Urban, Mystery, Neuerscheinungen, Monster-Jäger, Monster, Science Fantasy, [more]


Unknown (Sacrifice, #2)
Alison Swan Unknown (Sacrifice, #2)
  • Fantasy
  • English
  • 37630 Words
  • Ages 3 and up
  • 400
  • 2
One murder and two cases.  That's exactly what took Amy Gill to go to prison. Now she's determined to [more]

Keywords: Fantasy, thriller, thrillers, new releases 2017, paranormal, supernatural, series, Demon, Detective, Mystery, Magic, Drama, Darkness, Romance, paranormal romance, paranormal mystery, paranormal fantasy, supernatural romance, [more]


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